Autobubba is the car directory service focused especially on automobile buyers and automobile dealerships in Texas. The surprising thing is that, while Texas has the largest number of dealerships in the United States, until was created, there was no automobile directory from Texas. was created by a team of inventory specialists who have acquired fifteen years of experience in automobile inventory control business. Some of our members are US Armed Forces veterans who have used a familiar bit of Army slang ("Bubba") as a title for a brand new and very extensive car directory service. At this time, it is still possible to submit a car on for as little as $15. web interface will help dealership inventories faster than anything else. If you are one of many thousands of Texas auto dealerships, here is what can do for you:

  • 1) You can move cars out of inventory fast;
  • 2) You can acquire cars to complete your inventory easily and cheaply.
  • 3) You will gain search engine visibility to millions of Texans, and for a very low fee; and.
  • 4) You can create ads for your hot selling cars in just a few minutes by using the Add A Car link.

If you are a customer who is looking for a good deal on a car. will put you in touch with the right car at the right price within minutes. In short, has a user friendly interface that will help you to complete what used to take a lot of paperwork almost instantaneously! This is the Internet Age, and has been created to help both car dealers and car buyers to get with it!